• Program 2008-09

High Performance Design - the Next Generation


January 20, 2009


6-8 pm


USGBC NY - Alexander Hamilton Custom House, One Bowling Green NY, NY 10014

The trend in high performance design now positions LEED as the minimum standard for buildings. The next generation of high performanc buildings will aim to be carbon neutral, achieve net zero energy, zero water, and zero waste. Enabled by advanced engineering, material ingenuity, lower costs for dynamic modeling software, 3D imaging and 3D fabrication, advanced green buildings are already changing the markets. This panel of experts in architectural design, engineering, and renewable energy will explore the future of high performance design, including innovations such as distributed energy generation and highly adaptable infrastructure.


Michael Gresty, President, Kinetix [business ecology]


Fiona Cousins, Principal, Arup; Matthew Herman, Buro Happold; Claire Miflin, Kiss + Cathcart; Anthony Pereira, President, Alternative Power.