• Program 2007-08

Climate Change and Market Transformation


September 18, 2007


6-8 pm


Citigroup, Smith Barney, Executive Conference Room, 345 Park Ave. 21st Floor, New York, NY 10154

A scientific consensus that has all but ended the debate on climate change has spawned many initiatives to address climate change using market mechanisms. This seminar will explore efforts to limit emissions, quantify climate risk and understand how companies are responding through voluntary standards, local regulation, and the trading of carbon.


Bruce M. Kahn, Second Vice President-Wealth Management, Citi Smith Barney, bruce.m.kahn(at)smithbarney.com


Peter Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates Inc.; Rick Duke, Director, Center for Market Transformation, Natural Resources Defense Council; Eric Kane, Carbon Finance, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors; Christina Stanton, Director of Investor Relations, Natsource; Jason Patrick, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Markets Group, Evolution Markets Inc.