• Program 2018 - 19

Spotlight on Design innovation in the Circular Economy


March 06, 2019


6:00 pm


Baruch College


Baruch College l Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity - 151 E. 25th Street, Room 750 (between Lexington and 3rd Avenue)

Join us for presentations and a lively discussion with three entrepreneurs and designers who are using innovative materials, technology, and design to turn linear challenges into circular solutions. Design professionals in architecture, fashion, and packaging will share their solutions to reduce construction waste through design innovation; track clothing throughout its lifecycle through technological advances, and prevent plastic pollution of our oceans through edible single-use packaging.


Founder, EON Group Holdings Inc;
Partner, 3XN-US;
Co-Founder & sheEO, LOLIWARE;


Executive Director, Center for the Circular Economy @ Closed Loop Partners